Instagram of the Day: 1000 Stroller Miles (and an injury)

>> Saturday, June 24, 2017

I posted this on Instagram on Thursday:

Caption: On my stroller run with the boys this morning, I realized I was probably close to
1,000 "stroller miles." I looked it up when we got home: I've logged 1,021 miles
of running with the single or double stroller (that's over 22% of all running miles
since Henry was born). Hit 1,000 on a run with both boys last month when Henry had
a Friday off. #DoubleChariot #StrollerRun #DadBod #DadLife #Running

It just felt nice that I hit 1,000 last month with BOTH boys. And when I thought about it for another moment, I realized I had Instagrammed THAT run too! (Without knowing we had just hit 1,000 "stroller miles.") It was very appropriate that we hit 4-digits and then had pizza while hanging out all day:

Caption: Henry has the day off from school (and I swear I never got as many
Fridays off as he's gotten so far!), so we all first went on a 7.5 mile run,
then to Cossetta's for pizza, then took selfies at the Science Museum.

On a different note, I'm currently taking a few days off from running. The very upper part of my left calf (practically behind my knee) started feeling a LITTLE tight during my swim on Tuesday, and then felt pretty tight on my hard PR ride on Wednesday. It was nasty the rest of that day, so I tried to stretch and foam roll a few times. It actually felt FINE on my stroller run noted above on Thursday, but as soon as I stopped running to walk, it felt tight again. I saw my chiropractor who did an adjustment on my back, as well as some A.R.T. on my calf and Graston Technique over the sore area. It was tender all that night (Thurs), and through Friday morning. I had a moderate swim on Friday, and then iced it. Then I iced it again a few hours later, and again that night. It's definitely getting better (it's good enough right now that if I'm nothing thinking about it, I forgot that it's an issue). But I'm trying to keep it loose, and not "upset" it. I may try running again mid-next week (which would be 4-5 days off from running). We'll see how an easy ride feels later today.


Friday Funny 1290: Jokes About Marriage

>> Friday, June 23, 2017

Here are 25 jokes about marriage from buzzfeed:

This one speaks the truth.

And this one is also very true in our house.

This is something that would happen in our house. And none of you are surprised by that.

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Friday Funny 1289: Dirty Shower Thoughts

These are a little "saucy." But if you enjoy reading my blog, then you can handle it.

Being I'm kind of a "numbers" guy, the "miles of penis" one really has me thinking.

And NO JOKE: I just overheard someone at the gym yesterday talking about the idea of there being a point in your life when your parents stop hoping you're not having sex and start hoping that you ARE. Too funny.

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Friday Funny 1288: Cycling Mockumentary

Here's the trailer for an HBO movie/spoof/mockumentary about doping in cycling called "TOUR DE PHARMACY." It stars, well, everyone. Check this out, although I have to admit the trailer let me down a little. (However, I like Jeff Goldblum's final lines at the 1:30 point. Genius.)

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Friday Funny 1287: Tweets About Parenting

It's for reasons like this that I'm glad to be a parent:

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Training Post-Race

>> Thursday, June 22, 2017

Here's what the last 10 days of training have looked like (since the Trinona Triathlon on Sunday, June 11th):

The 2 things to note are (1) nearly 90 miles of biking in just over a week is SOLID for me, and (2) both of those swims were nice workouts. Here are some details:

• MON, 6/12: total rest. Nothing. No stretching even.

• TUES, 6/13: easy ride, and core. I "accidentally" kept a 21+ mph average through 15+ miles. Oops.

• WED, 6/14: nice ladder swim, and leg exercises.

• THURS, 6/15: easy run, and upper body. First run post-race. Legs felt good.

• FRI, 6/16: nothing. Headed out to WI to camp with family.

• SAT, 6/17: easy/moderate run. Woke up early while camping, so snuck out of the tent to run.

• SUN, 6/18: moderate long ride. Kept a 21.1 mph average over 30 miles. Then backed off for the final 5 miles as a bit of a cool down. Happy Father's Day!

• MON, 6/19: moderate long run, and core. 7.67 mile run that was ran (including 2+ mile easier cool down) at 6:50 pace. Solid. Nothing too crazy, but it felt nice.

• TUES, 6/20: 8x200 swim, and upper body. Averaged exactly 3:00/200 for this swim, with 20 seconds rest. I've sure done better, but still, it was decent.

• WED 6/21: all out "time trial" ride, and leg exercises. This ride was a good one! It was about a perfect morning to ride hard: cool, clear, and calm. I did my "go to" 15.x mile loop around St. Paul: from St. Thomas south along River Road, curving north on Shepard Road into downtown, up THEE Ramsey Hill, and down Summit back to home. By the time I climbed Ramsey with 4 miles to go, I had the fastest average I'd ever had (21.5 mph). And I knew I could raise that going down Summit. Here's a list of my former fastest average speed on that loop over the years (with links to blog posts about them):

- 20.2 mph in September of 2014 (first time breaking 20 mph!)
- 20.5 mph in July of 2015
- 20.6 mph in November of 2015
- [Injured for most of 2016, so no data]
- 21.1 mph in early April 2017
- 21.3 mph in late April 2017
- 21.4 mph in May 2017
- 21.9 mph yesterday!!

My constant climbing speed on this loop with NOT continue. But all my biking lately has really been showing in my training (and racing) numbers! Now, time for a stroller run with my boys. My left calf has been a bit tight lately, so I'm taking it easy on my run today...


Final Trinona Thoughts

>> Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I just have 6 final post-race thoughts from the Trinona Triathlon just over a week ago:

• The 5K I did 2 weeks before this race helped my triathlon. The Brian Kraft 5K was 13 days before Trinona, and I think that hard run helped me feel more "comfortable" on the final 5K of the triathlon. It was a well-timed race pre-triathlon.

• I emptied my water bottle over the course of the 11 mile bike! I've never done that before. It was warm and humid, but not HORRIBLE. (I didn't feel like the heat was getting to me on the final 5K run.) I mentioned in my race report that I was pretty sweaty on the bike, but I forgot to mentioned that I nearly drained my water bottle over the short 11 mile ride. Whew. It was sticky out there. (But at least there wasn't any sun, and I've come to realize THAT'S what zaps me.)

• I really felt happy with my "consistent" effort. I didn't have a KILLER swim, bike, or run. But they were all "solid." I keep thinking I could have MAYBE biked a LITTLE harder, but in the end, who knows. But as I mentioned in my race report, I was happy with my pretty even age group placement of 2nd, 3rd, and 1st in swim, bike, and run.

• Glen got a photo of me with my camera. Post-race this is usually what I look like:

Stalking people with a camera. And with a fresh mosquito bite on my jaw.

• Here's a bunch of "thank yous" in a Facebook recap. I posted this 2 days after the race:

This kinda wraps it up nicely.

• Everything is feeling good! (On my body.) In fact, I just dropped from an acupuncture appointment every 14 days with Robert at Element Wellness Group to an appointment ever 28 days. PROGRESS!

That's all for now! Back with some awesome/funny race photos soon, and some training updates.


Weekend Canoeing/Camping Pics

>> Monday, June 19, 2017

We've been gone for 3 days to camp with my in-laws and go canoeing down the Kickapoo River in central Wisconsin. Here are 13 quick pics:

Charlie helping me set up the tent.

They've got this "camping" thing down.

Lots of frogs to be caught.

On the Kickapoo River on day 2!

Charlie liked the COLD water.

At one of our stops, we ventured across to play in the mud.

My cutie.

Wiped out from 5 hours on the river. (Oh yeah, and Charlie's got
some medical tape on his head because of this.)

Hanging out around the campfire on the evening of day 2.

The morning of day 3.

It was a pretty quiet night (after a lot of rain).

Helping with breakfast with a lot of my bro- and sis-in-laws and their spouses.

Someone (not me, REALLY) made a penis pancake (bottom) and a boob pancake (top).

Back with more training updates shortly.


Trinona Newspaper Photos

>> Saturday, June 17, 2017

I found this newspaper article online that had some nice photos from Trinona last weekend. Here are 12 I wanted to share:

The "time trial" swim start.

Swimmers lined up.

The nice grassy run along transition.

Jerry on the mic back there!

Heading out of T1. This is the straight sectioned I mentioned coming back to T2
where I decided to get out of my bike shoes in the last 2 blocks of the bike.

We all felt sweaty.

Oly winner Ruth heading out of T2.

The run was a super winding trail around the lake. It was hot, but at least the sun wasn't out!

Here's my Trinona race report if you missed it!



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